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Did you know cows don’t make milk year round? No. They have to be pregnant. Hundreds of thousands of cows are impregnated solely for this purpose every year. The calfs are then killed and counted as waste of the dairy industry.

There are many other milk alternatives, so think carefully when you’re next buying dairy.


this is what murder looks like.

Instant noodles 

Benefits of eating meat,


If you gave up showering, you’d save less water than what’s required to make a single pound of beef. Not beef for a whole year, just one miserable pound. A whole year’s worth of showers takes about 5,200 gallons, but it takes 5,214 gallons to produce a single pound of beef.

If you gave up beef, you’d save over 300,000 gallons a year. A whole lot more than you could save by never showering.

Why going meatless saves the planet

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whoa vegan to the rescue
Watch what Monsanto and other large corporations do to your food.

  • Mum: Your grandma and I saw a dead fox on the road the other day, poor thing!
  • Me: There's dead chicken in the trunk of our car right now, why are you sad about some fox?
  • Mum: Because he was so young!
  • Me: ...