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A 50-page booklet on veganism. $385 to go with 22 days - Surely we can do that!?


Did you know cows don’t make milk year round? No. They have to be pregnant. Hundreds of thousands of cows are impregnated solely for this purpose every year. The calfs are then killed and counted as waste of the dairy industry.

There are many other milk alternatives, so think carefully when you’re next buying dairy.


Just because you eat a plant based diet it does not make you vegan.

Just because you eat a plant based diet it does not make you vegan.

Just because you eat a plant based diet it does not make you vegan.

Some people are confused and think that if they eat vegan then they are vegan.

You are not vegan if you still support wearing the skin of animals.

You are not vegan if you have cheat days or think honey “doesn’t count”.

You’re just a person who happens to eat semi vegan without actually being vegan.

Anonymous said: 17, 26

17. Put these in order of most important reasons to go Vegan/Vegetarian to least- For the sake of the animals, for the sake of the environment, for the sake of finance and for the sake of your health. Why did you choose this order?

For the sake of animals

For the sake of finance

For the sake of the environment

For the same of your health

Animals are conscious, living, feeling beings - they don’t deserve oppression. Veganism is cheap - I couldn’t afford to feed myself any other way. The environment is of the utmost importance - without the world, everyone and everything on it dies. Health is important, but not without an environment to live in.

26. Which question frustrates/annoys you the most regarding being Vegan/Vegetarian?

"Don’t you miss [animal product]?" No, I don’t. If I did, I still wouldn’t have it because there are more important things in this world than our tastebuds.

Anonymous said: 29. 30?

29. How do you feel about ‘humane’ farms eg. ones that genuinely allow their animals to roam freely until death?

It doesn’t matter how an animal is treated whilst they’re alive - you still kill them. They’re young, healthy and deserve to live.

30. If you had to persuade someone to become Vegan/Vegetarian in one short paragraph, what would you say?

"What you’re doing kills human- and non-human animals. You can stop doing it and it’s easy, cheap and makes you live a decade longer."

Then I’d throw avocado and lettuce into their mouth and they auto-convert to veg.

Anonymous said: So do you think vampires should drink human or animal blood?


Vampires aren’t real, fucknuts.

nnnoooooooo!!!! what about our stupid questions that prove you wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!????

I wanna see how many vegans are on Tumblr. Reblog if you’re vegan!









…and include your name, age and location.

1.Heather, 29, Rhode Island, USA

2. Chris, 25, Warrington, England

Kayla, 22, California, USA

Ashley, 22, New York.

Tonia, 20, Orange County, CA

Sadie, 19, Orange County, CA

Emma, 19, Santa Cruz, CA

Hailey, 26, New South Wales, Australia

Shayne, 20, South Australia, Australia

Alex, 18, Leciestershire, England

Lactose free milk is not dairy free! It still comes from a cow!


My brother tried to put lactose free milk in my smoothie today because he said that it was dairy free. I told him that lactose free milk is still dairy, the protein, lactose, has just been removed. He thought I was kidding and really thought it was dairy free, and therefore good for you. This is not the first time this has happened. A lot of people think that lactose free automatically means dairy free as well. My vegan friend even bought lactose free milk thinking it was dairy free! Lactose free milk is still cow’s milk! Plant milks are lactose and dairy free because they do not come from cows!


Shout out to all the vegans out there, and everyone who is going vegan this year because they are tired of supporting cruelty and murder.


end bacon culture 2k14

"Oh, you accidentally ate something that wasn’t vegan? THAT MEANS YOU’RE NOT VEGAN HAHAHEHUUAHAHAHAHAAA"

You’re wrong. It means that even after two entire years, there are still people feeding me non-vegan ‘food’ without me knowing.


daily reminder to click a button so you can give free food to a shelter!!


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Tis the season of landfill, stuffing our faces with shit while people starve, spending too much money on plastic, made in China slave labour junk and being forced to spend time with family who make jokes about being vegan.


daily reminder to click a button so you can give free food to a shelter!!


(Source: talkshitnojutsu)